Wife To save my job, my wife has sex with my boss
I get into trouble at work, and my wife Vidya has sex with my boss to save me. – Rajesh

Note: While adultery can be a great source of enjoyment in fantasy and erotica, in real life it damages souls and destroys marriages. Please treat the following story as a fiction and fantasy piece only. It is written to deliver pleasure, and has no other purpose.

My name is Rajesh and I was in deep trouble at work.

I was making ends meet, but barely. I work at a large family owned company on the outskirts of Pune that manufactures electronics for security systems. I had recently been promoted as Head of the Engineering Department, and immediately after the promotion I had purchased a large house and a bigger car. I knew I was stretched financially with the mortgage and a car loan, but as long as I was employed, I was fine. I have been here for a long time, and have worked my way up the corporate ladder, so I didn't realize my job would ever be in jeopardy. Now, suddenly, I was in danger of losing my house, my car, everything!

It was my asshole of a boss, Gaurav. He was the Vice President of the company, and he had made a series of bad deals with a foreign collaborator. Parts were ordered and paid for, but the quality delivered was below par. There were also rumours that Gaurav took kickbacks to seal the deal.

However, the deal was for engineering equipment, and had my authorization on it (not his), and now he was going to put all the blame on me. And even though everyone knew whose fault it really was, no one would come to my aid – because Gaurav, my boss, was also engaged to the only daughter of the owner of the company. No one would publicly go against the owner's daughter's fiancé. One of the Board of Directors who liked me took me into confidence and urged me to find a solution quickly. If I could find proof of the kickbacks, he told me, I was safe.

If I thought my wife Vidya was not going to be happy when I would break the news to her, I underestimated the situation. She was furious.

"How could you put us into this situation?" She screamed at me. "I can't believe you would sign papers without knowing what your turd shit of a boss was doing!"

"Honey, please calm down. I will try to find a solution."

"How?" Vidya knew our financial situation. "Our savings are close to zero and we are living essentially hand-to-mouth. Everyone in your company will kiss Gaurav's ass and you will be the one put on the firing line. And with this huge mortgage, even if I get a job it will never match what you earn now."

I knew what she said was correct.

"Honey," I tried to pacify her. "The daughter of the owner, Gaurav's fiancée, thinks he's an angel. If only I could find some way to expose Gaurav to her and her father, then he would be gone, and they would be forced to keep me to repair the damage."

"Hmm," was Vidya' terse reply.

I spent the next few days trying to figure out how to expose Gaurav. I knew I had to do it without any help from the Board of Directors. I went over all the deals, but there was no legal proof of his involvement or of any kickbacks. Every night Vidya would force me to recount all of the happenings of the day, and I would have to admit of my futile efforts. It wasn't looking good.

I also tried to find evidences of Gaurav's philandering. We all knew he fancied himself a ladies man, and during the company trip to Goa when his fiancée couldn't join us, there were rumours of two or three girls in his room at night. However, no one would testify to anything and the matter died there. However, even this was an exercise in uselessness. Gaurav was simply too careful, and he had too much on the line, to leave any evidence of his infidelity lying around.

After the fifth night, with me at my wit's end and Vidya unable to sleep, she just blurted out, "I should just go to bed with him, and you can tape it and show it to his wife!"

I froze, and gazed at my wife to see if she was joking.

Here, I should pause and take a few minutes to tell you about my wife Vidya.

I feel very lucky to have a beautiful goddess like Vidya as my wife. At 5'8", Vidya stood taller than most Indian women. Even now, at the age of 30, she kept herself fit with regular exercise. Her breasts were slightly bigger than average (28 DD), and she had wide hips and a broad ass. When she walked past any construction site, she always attracted whistles and catcalls, and when we went clubbing, men often hit on her, asking her out for a "sexy time".

When she wore a sari, Vidya could rival any Bollywood actress. Since Vidya was voluptuous, she loved to wear tight clothes that showed off her curves. Vidya usually wore a flimsy see-through blouse with no bra, and thin chiffon saris that left her ample midriff bare. She loved to flaunt her toned tummy and her navel. Several times this factor has gotten us better service at restaurants as waiters would rush to serve us, just to catch a glimpse of her fabulous boobs constrained against a tight blouse, or the sight of a perfect milky white belly. When I would go shopping with her, sometimes I let her walk ahead, just so I could catch other men checking her out, their gaze fixated lustfully on her sashaying buttocks which her sari would tightly cling to.

I knew Vidya was no virgin when we got married, whereas I was (Vidya is my one and only). Ours was a traditional arranged marriage – yet Vidya made sure I knew what I was getting into. In her own words, she was a prime slut and a "randi" (crude Hindi for 'slut') at college.

"I probably had more guys deposit their cum in me in a week than most women have in their whole lives." She once told me, when I had asked. "In college my legs were open to all, and I was used by everyone – from the students to some of professors to even a couple of the night time security guards."

Sometimes, when we would meet up with her old friends, in particular her best friend Lata, new tales would emerge of the legendary Vidya Mathur (her maiden name that she still kept even after marriage) and her sexual exploits at college.

Of how once, when partying after exams, in a shady night club, a Pathan guy had alleged that he had the biggest dick amongst all students on campus, and how no girl had ever managed to take it all in her mouth at once. Vidya had immediately challenged him, and in front of all her friends had not only gone down on him then and there, she managed to swallow his monster cock completely (Vidya could deep throat like no one else – she was a born cocksucker). Not only did she blow him, and suck every drop, she had immediately turned around, pulled down her pants and bent over, presenting her bum to him. The Pathan (and three of his friends) had used her ass (and other holes) all night.

These stories, and many others, I had gotten from Lata, and from Vidya herself. For example, there was Vidya's college cricket team. Vidya had invited all these guys who were on the cricket team when she was in college – all fifteen of them – to our wedding. When we were standing on the dais for a group photo, Vidya had leaned in and whispered to me, "Take a good look at all these guys, honey. Each of these guys knows my pussy better than you!"

My jaw must have dropped, for Vidya grinned, discretely pinched my butts and continued, "In my term in university, I was the celebratory fuck whenever the team would win – and we had a good team! After every victory party, they would all line up to get a blow job from me, and the guy who was Man of the Match had the first fuck. Say hello to the guys who have fucked your wife before you, honey."

It was quite surreal as each guy shook my hand to congratulate me, and gave a beaming Vidya a peck on her cheeks, to know that each of them knew Vidya's intimate folds, and I, her husband, was still not granted that privilege.

So that was my Vidya. However, in our four years of marriage, she has been the ideal wife. She was polite and dutiful to my parents, loving and respectful to my family, a real fun person to be around with friends, and a real wild tigress in bed.

I have no shame in admitting that Vidya controls every aspect of my life – and I happily let her. What man would mind, knowing that such a sex goddess was awaiting him in bed every night? Vidya wanted sex, and she wanted it often. I was clumsy at first, and used to cum quickly, but she patiently trained me to build up my stamina and staying power. Vidya knew all the tricks and she wasn't afraid of trying new things. Recently we started experimenting with light BDSM, and so sometimes Vidya would spank me in bed, and other times she would have me lick her feet. I was simply happy to do whatever I could to give her pleasure.

Vidya had developed one strange fetish one year into our marriage – that I was only too happy to indulge – she would insist I undress completely before I came to her. Unless I was completely naked, she would not even take off a stich of her clothes.

"It gives me pleasure to have a naked boy to play with." She would tell me, rubbing my phallus. Usually I would get into bed, we would cuddle and make out, and then I would finger Vidya to an orgasm. Only then, and not before, was I was allowed to mount her. I didn't mind – I liked being naked while she was still in her clothes, it added to my sense of giving her complete pleasure. And Vidya would reciprocate by giving me mind blowing sex.

In these four years, Vidya had also remained faithful to me and our marriage. I admit at first I was worried when I found out about Vidya's exploits. How could I satisfy such an insatiable woman? It's not that she didn't get a chance to – if she wanted she could commit adultery every day. As I said, men hit on her all the time. Vidya however herself put all my doubts to rest.

"Why would I have an affair, honey?" She told me on our first anniversary, when, after treating her to a romantic dinner, I thanked her for remaining faithful. "The day I married you, I gained a lover who is content in pleasing me. You listen to me, you obey me, you serve me, and you give me pleasure. Why would I throw it all away?"

"But," I countered, "All those ... guys ... who made love to you ..."

"You mean all those guys who fucked me?" Vidya was blunt. I could see a twinkle in her eye.

"Er ... yes. And you yourself told me they were ... er ... quite larger than me. Don't you miss that?"

"Honey!" Vidya had leaned over the table and kissed me deeply, before continuing, "It's true that your penis is a bit on the smaller side, and I have had larger. However, all those years I used to do what others wanted me to do. I derived my pleasure from their pleasure. Now, at last, I have a man who is intent on giving me pleasure, who derives his satisfaction from satisfying me. Honey, I love you, and I would never betray you."

We abandoned our dinner, returned to our house and had mind-blowing sex.

Later that night, as we lay on the bed (and as usual, I was completely naked while Vidya still had her bra on), my wife turned to me and asked, "Rajesh, what would you do if I did stray from our marriage?"

"I ... I ...." I was temporarily at a loss for words.

"Let's say," Vidya turned to me, moved her hand gently down my body and started to knead my balls. "Let's say you come home early from work one day, unannounced, and enter the house to give me a surprise. You hear strange noises coming from the bedroom."

"Go ... on." I managed to croak as Vidya started to rub her fingers gently on my penis.

"Someone is moaning, grunting, and as you approach the door, you hear the bed creaking." Vidya was now stroking my dick, which was fully turgid. "And now, Rajesh, you fear the worst. Someone has gotten into the house, is with your wife in the bedroom, and ... well you know, so you creep to the door, ready to burst in."

Vidya paused her story to take off her bra. She then parted her legs and asked me to move into position and start licking her. That was another great thing about sex with Vidya. It was efficient – there was no time spent trying to understand what she wanted via "subtle hints". Vidya knew what she wanted, and she would tell you. Right now it was "Lick my cunt, honey."

As I started to lap at her glistening cunt, and rub my throbbing hardness against her foot, Vidya continued her story.

"What would you do Rajesh, when you slowly open the door and find me lying on my back on the bed, eyes closed with ecstasy, legs up in the air, and a dark skinned brawny guy between my legs, thrusting his manhood into me, again and again?"

"I ... I don't really know, Vidya ... why do you ask?" I moved up and started to suck her nipples.

"Imagine," Gently twisting my ears, Vidya continued, "A big, dark rod going in-and-out, in-and-out, into my pussy. You know your puny little dick is no competition to this giant. And all the while I am being fucked by this guy, I am shouting, 'Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Oh yes! OH MY GOD! You are so much bigger than my husband! You are reaching deeper into me than he can ever do! OH YES! This is what a real cock feels like!'"

I was breathing hard now, and so was Vidya. She grabbed my hair and pulled me up so that our mouths met in a deep, long, wet kiss. My hard penis slid into her well lubricated pussy. I was now thrusting deep and hard into her while she buckled under my pounding.

"Oh, yes! Oh yes! What would you do Rajesh? Would you be man enough to step in and pull your wife's secret lover away from her? Or would you stand in the doorway and watch, while you wank yourself? Would you continue to watch while my lover pushed himself as deep as he could into me? Would you continue to jack off as this man cuckolds you, his balls slapping against me as he fucks me harder and harder? The moment when he finally deposits his load further into me than you can ever do? OH YES!"

We both exploded simultaneously for twenty seconds of raw, intense, violent frenzy. I just came and came. It was pretty much the best sex we ever had. From then on, Vidya would occasionally use her "cheating scenario" to spice up our sex life. Sometimes when we would be having sex, she would pretend some other guy (with a larger appendage, obviously) was fucking her. Other times, she would take the name of Mohan. I knew Mohan was the guy in Vidya's college who had the largest sized dick, according to her. So when I would be thrusting into her, Vidya would tell me what Mohan used to do to her, getting more and more specific, until I would explode in her.

So, coming back to the present, when Vidya suggested she seduce Gaurav, I looked at her to see if she was joking, or starting another sexual game.

"What are you saying, honey?" I asked her.

"Imagine," Vidya's eyes lit up as she considered her plan, "You are so good at those electronics stuff; you could probably fit a few cameras discretely in this house. We could invite Gaurav to watch an IPL, or some other cricket match, here. He doesn't even know you are trying to uncover proof against him. And once he's here, you make some excuse and leave, and bam! I seduce him, he fucks me, and we have him by the balls!"

"But ... but ..." I stammered. "Another man ... will be having ... sex with you ... honey ..." I trailed off.

Vidya looked at me, and suddenly she was hugging me.

"Oh my darling! Oh my love! I was only joking! Oh sugar pie, my cream pie! Please forgive me!"

How could I remain mad at her, especially when she was covering me with kisses!

"By the way," Vidya told me with a twinkle in her eye, "your mind says you don't like me fucking your boss, but your soldier doesn't think so." She pointed at my penis and laughed.

I laughed too. As Vidya had detailed how she would have seduced Gaurav, my "soldier", as Vidya had put it, "stood at attention". The thought of Gaurav and Vidya was rapidly turning me on. Vidya smiled and started to stroke my shaft.

"Darling," She said. "You have a lot on your mind, so let me be your slave fuck tonight."

Vidya stood up, gave me a little bow, placed her hand on her hips and then continued in her best 'little-girl' voice, "Master! What would please you more? Would you like a blowjob, or a quickie fuck, or would you rather shove your thingy into my ass? Or do you want all three?" She licked her lips tauntingly.

Oh God I loved this woman. I ended up choosing all three, and by the end of the night was one drained man.

The next day I called work and told them I was sick. I used the time to visit my lawyer. We went over all the documents but in the end – his verdict was the same. Gaurav had me by the balls. All the paperwork pointed it as my fault. I then visited three members from the Board that I knew liked me personally. They all said the same thing.

"Find some proof, and then we will back you up. Without any evidence, we can't go against the owner's future son-in-law."

Dejected, I headed home.

"Babydoll," Vidya admonished me, as I was getting into bed after dinner. "You haven't removed your clothes."

"Oh yes." I mumbled an apology and started to undress. Ever since Vidya had implemented the CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) policy (a term I didn't even know existed until Vidya pointed it out), I had gotten used to sleeping in the nude. Yet all this work stress was driving me to distraction. Stripping off my underwear, I slipped into the covers in the buff and snuggled against Vidya, burying my face into her ample bosom.

After sometime, we began to make out. I moved into position and started to finger Vidya. To my astonishment, I noticed she wasn't wearing any panties, and she was dripping like a faucet. Vidya wrapped her hands around my dick and started to tug at it. We were soon locked in a passionate embrace as I rubbed against her.

"Imagine," Vidya murmured into my ears. "You are sitting on a chair, inside our walk-in closet. There's a small hole, and you are watching the bed. Your marital bed."

"Mmmm...." I ran my tongue deep inside her mouth.

I knew what closet she was talking about. Our bedroom had a huge walk-in closet. If you shut the door, you wouldn't know it was there – it looked just like another cabinet door (or as they call it in India, an "almirah" door). Behind it, however, was a whole room where Vidya stored her bounteous wardrobe.

"Imagine," Vidya was now stroking the back of my head as I rubbed my penis against her thighs. "You are watching me, secretly, on bed. And I am with Gaurav. I am licking his balls. I take one testicle into my mouth, gently suck on it, then I take the other, before rubbing my tongue across his scrotum."

Vidya was now panting, sweat forming in beads on her forehead as I slowly got into position to enter her.

She continued, "You can see Gaurav's body. He is fit, with ripped abs, and he doesn't have the slight paunch you have. And you can see his dick, hard, turgid, the blood flowing in the veins as I kiss his manhood. And then, I lie on my back, part my legs, look at him in the eye and tell him, 'take me, Gaurav, let me feel a real man, fuck me'. And he does!"

I slid my penis into Vidya, and slowly started to pump her.

"Imagine," Vidya's eyes was shut and her body writhed in spasms of pre-orgasm pleasure. "Imagine his throbbing member sliding deep into me as he nibbles at my neck, while his hands pay homage to my breasts. He's cuckolding you, on your marital bed, and you are letting him, watching and jacking off while hiding in the closet like a sick little pervert as another man ravishes your wife."

I was now pumping Vidya furiously. Suddenly, I felt her tap my butt.

"Honey, stop."

"But, Vidya, I ..." I was so close to coming.

"Honey, STOP!"


I felt a sharp smack on my butt. Immediately I stopped moving. My dick, which was burrowed into Vidya's innermost folds, was rapidly becoming flaccid, and I lay there, panting while Vidya calmly stroked my head.

"Think, honey." Vidya's voice was contemplative, in between kissing my cheeks. "This could solve all our problems."

For a second I held her gaze. She was serious, I recognized. And I want her to do it, I realized that fact as well. Not only can it get us out of the jam, I actually want her to sleep with another man. It's an incredible turn on for me. I cast my eyes away, ashamed to meet her gaze.

"I know I can seduce him into having sex with me here." Vidya spoke swiftly. "And you are a smart cookie, I am sure you can fit hidden cameras in the living room and in our bedroom."

I nodded. In spite of myself, I could feel myself getting hard again.

"This is our only way out." Vidya told me. "Nothing else will work, and you know it. I am your wife, and this family's welfare is my concern. For the sake of our family, it is my duty to pleasure your boss, and then we can send the tape to his wife."

As Vidya started to detail her plan, how she would seduce him, what she would wear to look enticing, I started to grind against her. Vidya now knew she had my blessing.

"It would be best if it's during the day." Vidya was thinking ahead. "That way you can leave us for an hour or so – just enough time for him to fuck me once or twice. And the videos we take can be clear too – lot of light."

I was now humping Vidya with vigour.

"Please don't think I am doing this willingly." Vidya declared, as I started to fuck her in earnest. "You know I would rather be faithful to you, my pet. After a long time, I will be seeing, and feeling, another big cock inside me. After a long time, another man will use me as his cum dump, as his chattel. You will watch helplessly while another man violates your wife. And I will have no control of how Gaurav wants to take me. He may rape my pussy or cum in my mouth, or he may decide he wants to rip into my ass."

I was now this close to an orgasm. For long time I have only heard of other men copulating with my wife, now there was a good chance I was going to see it.

"However," Vidya's voice suddenly grew remorseful, "I only have one worry."

I stopped pounding her. "What is it, my love?" I asked her, cupping her cheeks with my hand.

"Will you accept me as your wife, even after Gaurav dishonors me? Even after I do everything to please him, even after I commit adultery, will you take me back as your Vidya?"

I exploded in her on the next stroke, and Vidya had her answer. She kissed me and made wild passionate love to me all night.

We made our plans quickly. The next morning at work, I invited Gaurav to come to my house on Sunday afternoon to watch a cricket game. India was playing Australia and it was the T20 semifinal.

"Sir, you can please come early," I told Gaurav, using the respectful term 'sir' that we Indians use to address our superiors at work. "We could do lunch and then watch the game."

There were two dangers to this plan. One – he could invite other guys and two – he could bring his fiancée along. Both actions would, of course, ruin our plans. So I made sure of one additional detail. I told him my wife really wanted to meet my boss in person as she has heard a lot about him from me (this was true!) and no one could make chicken biryani like my wife (this was also true). And then I asked him if he has ever met my wife at any company function. While Gaurav struggled to recall my wife, I took out my smart phone to show him a picture of Vidya – "to help him recall".

This had been Vidya's idea – and it was a masterstroke.

The picture was one of the sexiest pictures of Vidya that we had. She was wearing a designer sari, and the pallu was shifted to one side so her bare waist is seen, along with her navel. She was looking very suggestively at the camera, and her mouth was twisted in an 'O' moment. In reality, just as her picture was being taken, I had pinched her fleshy buttocks, and the image snapped had her 'surprised' look. But here, to a pervert mind like Gaurav's, it looked like someone had just drilled his huge fuck rod into her, or she was getting ready to orally serve the cameraman. Either way, it was a picture that while classy enough to be on my smart phone, was also sexy enough to tickle Gaurav's fancy.

Yes, he would come to my house on Sunday. And no, his fiancée would not be able to make it, she's not really into cricket and would get bored. He examined the picture for a long time, zooming in and out of her face, ("to see if it jogs my memory", he said) and reluctantly gave me my phone back.

"Thank you, Sir. Your visit to my humble home will only increase our honour." I exited his office, elated.

I called Vidya immediately and informed her about Gaurav. Then I got to work. Carefully I called a bunch of our suppliers for some equipment. I took off from work early, picked up my merchandise, got home and got to work. I installed a close circuit camera system in my living room (which had the huge television and multiple sofa sets for the viewers) and another in my bed room. I used high definition sound activated cameras that could all be controlled wirelessly from my iPad. Calling upon a lifetime of experience designing security systems, I carefully concealed the cameras behind walls, picture frames, flowerpots and cupboards. We had three days to the weekend, and Vidya and I thoroughly tested the system. I fucked her on the sofa, I slapped her butts, I fucked her at the entrance to the bedoom, I called her a 'randi' and 'chudail', I fucked her on our marital bed, I made her give me a blow job in the living room – all likely scenarios with my boss – and the cameras recorded all of them perfectly.

On Sunday, Gaurav arrived right on time. I opened the door and welcomed him.

"Welcome, Sir, welcome to my lowly abode."

"Thank you, Rajesh. Here, I brought something for your lovely wife, since it is my first time here."

"Why, thank you, Sir!"

It was a little pouch, and I told Gaurav he can give it himself to my wife when he meets her.

It's easy to see why Gaurav was considered a ladies' man. He was over six feet tall, easily towering over me. He was built – he went to the gym to lift weights regularly and it showed. He wore clothes that fit him well, and he had the money to splurge on expensive clothes. He had a handsome face, with hair well groomed, and an easy demeanor. He was a little fair skinned for Vidya's taste (my wife preferred her men darker), but he knew how to lay on the charm when needed.

We went and sat in the living room sofa, and I switched on the TV. Gaurav was uneasy, and he kept looking around.

"Is your beautiful wife not here, Rajesh?" He finally asked me. "I was hoping to meet the two of you."

You will notice how he was already describing my wife as 'lovely' and 'beautiful', to my face. He knew I was his boss and I would just accept it and not say anything.

"Yes, sir, she is here. She is getting ready." I told him, "It is her first time meeting my boss, so I think she wanted to take proper time to look presentable. Why, there she is!"

Both of us turned to see Vidya descend down the stairs. She looked like an Indian man's wet dream. She wore a low cut blue sleeveless blouse (with noodle straps) that barely contained her breasts. The blouse had a plunging neckline, giving anyone an abundant view of her cleavage. She had chosen a yellow chiffon sari, of thin, translucent material, to complement the blouse, with sequin designer patterns on the border. Her hair was flowing loose to her hips. The pallu of her sari was shifted over to one side, and Vidya had tucked her sari an inch below the navel. This gave a great view of her fleshy, milk white belly. Her large eyes had a look of innocence in them, and a smile was ever present on her thick, luscious, pouting lips. I also knew that Vidya's undergarments were chosen with great care – underneath her blouse she was wearing a flimsy bra that hardly covered her areoles, while her panty could be best described as a thong. She had gold earrings on, a small bindi on her forehead, and her mangalsutra (a necklace all married women wear in India).

When she had been getting ready, I had asked her why she was wearing the mangalsutra.

"You are going to seduce Gaurav into bed," I told her, still not able to say 'into fucking you', "So why do you need the mangalsutra? Isn't it better to be without it for today?"

"You don't understand." Vidya informed me confidently. "The mangalsutra will help me. When Gaurav is fucking me, part of the charm will be that he is taking purity of the wife of another man. I am the wife of his employee, someone who is duty bound to obey his orders. The mangalsutra will enforce the fact that he is going to defile me, behind your back, in your house, on your bed, while you will come back and continue to obey his orders ... it will add to the enticement."

I would later learn that Vidya was absolutely correct.

Right now, Gaurav stared and stared at my wife while she came down the stairs to welcome him. As Vidya walked, Gaurav's eyes remained fixated on her mammary glands, which were seemingly trying to free themselves from the contours of her blouse. If Vidya had noticed Gaurav staring at her boobs she gave no indication. She greeted Gaurav warmly with a kiss on each cheek. He seemed a bit surprised and I could see a bulge forming near his crotch.

We all sat down in the sofa, and Vidya got some juice for all of us. She made sure to bend down sufficiently while serving Gaurav, holding her pose. Gaurav stared unabashedly at her cleavage, before hastily averting his eyes away.

"Vidya," I told her, "Sir has brought a gift for you."

"Oh!" Vidya squealed like a little girl. "You didn't have to, Gauravji! It really is our pleasure to serve you at our house."

"Nonsense." Gaurav dismissed her objections gallantly. "It is my culture. When I visit a house for the first time, I always have a gift for the malkin of the house, especially a lady whose beauty knows no bounds."

It was a small locket with a gold pendant, the type of necklace that could be given as a gift that, while not being expensive enough to cause problems in accepting it, was still expensive enough to be impressive.

Vidya had an idea.

"Why don't you put it on me, Gauravji? It is your gift; it is only your right."

"Yes, Sir, please!" I played along. "Why don't you put the necklace around my wife's neck? Her beauty would be multiplied ten times with your gift if you put it on her yourself."

Needing no second invitation, Gaurav got up and stood behind Vidya. Fumbling, he unclasped the necklace and lowered the pendant on to her cleavage. His hands were now resting on top of her shoulders as he adjusted the locket. Was it my imagination or did he gently caress the top of her breasts? I heard Vidya give a small sigh. Gaurav then adjusted the end of the locket and went behind her neck to fasten the clip. I could see a noticeable bulge now in his trousers, and he was now pressing his hardness against my wife's ass cheeks. My own cock twitched at the erotic scene being played out in front of me. It was almost as if I wasn't there, and Vidya and Gaurav were playing a sexual game of cat and mouse that would ultimately lead to my marital bedroom.

We had lunch, with Vidya taking particular care of Gaurav. She would listen to everything he had to say as if she was fascinated, and often complimented him with "that's so funny, Gauravji."

"Oh, don't call me Gauravji." Gaurav told her, flustered. We Indians add 'ji' to someone as a mark of respect. "I am here as a friend; there should be no formalities."

"But you are my husband's boss," Vidya replied in her innocent voice. "You are his superior. He obeys you and answers to you. I have to call you ji."

After lunch, I was helping Vidya clean up in the kitchen while Gaurav watch the TV in the living room. I asked her if she was still willing to go through with it.

"Oh, absolutely." She gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "When he put the necklace on me, did you see him trying to cop a feel of my tits? He was as hard as a rock, I could feel him against my buttocks

"I see," I answered helplessly. "Anything I can do, dear?"

Vidya smiled.

"Nope, darling. You do what I instructed you to do. Just get out of here quickly and let me handle the sex part."

There was still some time left for the start of the match, so Vidya and I joined Gaurav on the sofa in the living room. My boss by this time was quite besotted with Vidya. He complimented her on her cooking, he complimented her looks and her fashion sense and the decoration of the house, and Vidya was lapping it up.

She brought some sweets and drinks and placed it on the table in front of the sofa. She was careful to lean in front of Gaurav when she served him, giving him a good look at her barely covered assets. She then sat down on the sofa beside us. In the order of seating it was me, Gaurav and Vidya. Gaurav's eyes went back to Vidya's bust, as she heaved her bosom from being tired from the kitchen work. Once again he complimented her on keeping herself fit, and Vidya smiled and replied as a wife that was her basic duty – to look good for her husband.

Just then, my cell phone rang.

It was all planned, of course. I had set it on a timer, and it just played a tune. To someone not in the know, it would appear that my phone was ringing. I "picked it up" and pretended to have a conversation with someone on the other end.

"Bad news, Sir," I told him, "ending" my phone call. "I'm needed at the office right away. A new shipment has come from Korea, and they again have quality issues. I have to go take a look immediately."

"Oh, I'll come with you." Gaurav also stood up.

"I ... I ..." I was frozen in panic. Our jig was up. There was no call, there was no shipment.

It was Vidya's quick thinking that saved the day.

"Rajesh, is the problem an engineering one?" She asked me.

"Yes, dear."

"Then you should be able to handle it on your own without your boss being present, right?" When I nodded in the affirmative she continued, "After all, Gauravji is our guest here, and it is our duty to entertain him properly. Also, I need someone to explain all these complicated cricket rules to me."

"That's right," I told Gaurav. "It's a simple thing to take care of, Sir. I will go, and I should be back in a couple of hours. Besides, Sir, you can give my wife company."

Gaurav took one look at a seductively pouting Vidya, and decided I was smart enough to handle the problem on my own.

"You are right." Gaurav spoke to my wife, ignoring me completely. "If my lovely hostess has done so much for me today, it is only right that I give her company now while her husband has to deal with this issue."

With that, I was dismissed. I bid them adieu. I tiptoed to the main door, opened it, and shut it loudly so as to create the appearance that I had left. While Vidya kept my boss distracted with idle chit chat, making sure he didn't see me, I walked back into the kitchen. I shut off my cellphone so no one could ring me.

My iPad was there and I switched on the camera app program. I could see that Vidya and Gaurav were talking on the sofa. He said something that made Vidya throw her head back and laugh. Her pallu kept falling across one shoulder, and Vidya would adjust it while giving Gaurav ample opportunity to check her out. Occasionally his hands would slide down and rest on her thigh as he made a point in the conversation – and I noticed Vidya would ignore the hand completely. After sometime, Gaurav got bolder and moved a little closer to Vidya, one arm on her thigh and another holding her hand.

I checked that the sound was being recorded, and then decided to creep to the edge of the room so I could see with my own eyes what was going on.

"You have kept yourself in fine shape, Vidya." Gaurav told her. This time, he purposefully moved his eyes across her whole body, from top to bottom, stopping for just a bit at her bust; letting her know in no uncertain times that he was ogling her.

"Thank you, Gauravji. You are also in remarkable shape. Much better than my husband!"

"Who, Rajesh?" Gaurav laughed. "He is no comparison to me. Have you seen his paunch?"

"Ah, yes, Sir!" Vidya helpfully answered. "He eats too much!"

Both of them laughed, and I cringed in mortification.

"My fiancée is also becoming fat." Gaurav became a little blunter. "She does not exercise and she is hardly into sex anymore."

"Oh," Vidya played the shy, demure lady for a minute, before hesitatingly volunteering, "I know how you feel, Gauravji. Even my husband Rajesh is like that now. All the time he is busy with work. Work, work, work. He hardly has time for me. He had to work so hard on the Korea deal for a month and ever since that ..." Her voice trailed off.

"Korea?" Gaurav was incredulous. "I am the real brains in this company, Vidya. Your husband just signs some papers when I tell him to. When I say jump, your husband jumps. When I say sit, Rajesh sits."

Gaurav slid over a little closer to her on the couch.

"Vidya, if I were your husband," he announced, "I'd be all over you all the time! I'd NEVER leave you alone with another man! I would tie you to a bed and have sex with you day and night."

"Thank you, Gauravji." Vidya had the good sense to blush. "I guess Rajesh doesn't find me attractive anymore."

"Nonsense! He's out of his mind. You are one hell of a sexy woman."

"Thank you Gauravji. See, you are making me blush."

"Vidya, ever since I saw you today, I've thought of nothing else but making love to you!"

Suddenly he leaned forward and kissed my wife on the mouth. A sudden pang of jealousy hit me as I realized this was starting – my loyal wife would soon be another man's play thing. Gaurav kissed her long, and he kissed her hard. For a second, Vidya melted in his arms. Then she pulled back, feigning shock.

"Oh, no! I can't! We shouldn't, I..." Vidya put on a confused look, but Gaurav now had her in a tight embrace. His tongue probed her lips and she slowly responded to him. He raised his hand and squeezed her breast.

A warm sense of humiliation came over me as I realized another man, in my house, was now pawing my wife's breasts and sucking her tongue, and instead of getting angry at it, I was getting hard. This was happening – my wife was with another man, she was kissing him, and in a few minutes, she would be going to bed with him. And worse, this was all with my consent.

Gaurav continued kissing Vidya while massaging her breast. I could see that any resistance she had was slowly evaporating away. My boss started to kiss her all over her body, then he started letting his hands roam over her thin blouse. I heard her grasp as he squeezed her breasts in his large hands. Then Vidya pushed back.

"No, Gauravji, this is wrong." She tried to adjust her hair and clothes, and was panting hard. "I am the wife of your employee."

"Vidya, Vidya." If Gaurav was angry, he didn't show it. Instead, he laid out a full charm offensive. "We are just two lonely people who both have other halves that don't care about us. In your case your dumb husband doesn't know what a bombshell his wife is. In my case my fiancée is a dull woman who doesn't appreciate my skills."

"But, Gauravji, I ..."

"Opportunity has now presented itself to us," Gaurav firmly lectured her, "and we mustn't be arrogant to shun it. A woman as beautiful as you should never feel unappreciated, and should never feel neglected."

He started to run his hand up and down her thighs.

"Gauravji," Vidya panted, with deeper and deeper breaths. "My husband; he is a loyal worker of yours, and you want to take his wife as a reward!"

"Vidya, in my office your husband has no respect, and usually is always getting shouted at by me. I am the real brain in the operation – I did the whole foreign deal in Korea. And you don't worry, my love, I will take full care of you. This necklace is nothing compared to the gifts I will bestow upon you. Now come here, you sexy woman, you!"

With that, he once again embraced her in a tight hug, and whatever resistance I saw Vidya had at the man who threatened her family's security and wellbeing, melted away.

"Oh, Gauravji." Vidya started to moan. "I have never been with another man, I ..."

"Then, my dear," My boss magnanimously announced. "I will show you what you have been missing all these years."

He stopped kissing her, took her hands and placed them on the bulge in his jeans. Vidya's eyes became big.

"Is that ... Gauravji ... your ...." She stammered.

Gaurav smiled. "Why don't you find out for yourself, you sexy cheeks?"

He lifted her completely from the sofa and ordered her to sit on his lap. Vidya plonked her ass on his swollen crotch as he embraced and kissed her deeply. His hardness was now grinding against her buttocks. She responded by turning around, hugging him around his neck and offered him her tongue to suck. By now, her inhibitions were almost gone. Gaurav kissed and licked her face, eyes, lips, nose, nibbling her earlobes and biting her neck.

"God! Vidya, you are one hot piece of ass!" Gaurav was now a kid who had just been given a new toy. And the new toy was my beloved wife. He was pawing and mauling Vidya all over her body. I was feeling jealousy but at the same time my prick was nearly busting out of my pants.

Gaurav made her kneel down in front of him. He then stood up and unclasped his belt. My boss's pants dropped to the floor. A huge, noticeable bulge was evident in his briefs.

"Open it." He ordered Vidya.

Carefully, Vidya unbuttoned his briefs, and his cock sprang free. It was big and thick! My boss's manhood was long and thick and was throbbing like a wild animal, with the veins protuberant, and the balls were huge and dangled beneath his massive penis. It was as big as those I have seen in the porn movies, and definitely way, way, way much bigger than mine. Vidya seemed enthralled by the sight of this monster. Timidly she reached out her hand and grasped his cock, then started massaging it slowly.

"Mmmm, that feels wonderful, Vidya. C'mon, baby, put your other hand on my balls and massage them!"

Vidya did as she was told.

My heart almost skipped a beat when I heard my lovely wife say to my boss, "You've got a nice big dick, Gauravji. I have never seen a lund so much bigger. My husband is nothing compared to you."

"Your husband," Gaurav declared, "Is only fit enough to lick my boots, Vidya. You deserve to be fucked by a real man, and you will, tonight."

"Yes, Gauravji. I am yours tonight, to do as you wish. I would love to finally have a big cock in my pussy."

Observing Vidya wantonly licking Gaurav's balls and joining my boss's taunting of me should have made me angry; instead what I had was a raging hard on. I could have stopped this if I wanted to; but for some weird reason I wanted to see Vidya get pounded by this monster.

Now on her knees, Vidya slipped her hands over my boss's hips and pushed the back of his briefs down, while her hungry mouth kissed and sucked at his pole. As she pulled his underpants off, her lips and tongue were busy on his cock, licking the entire length of the shaft and planting soft, wet kisses on his balls. She grasped the base of his shaft with one hand and his ass cheek with the other. Her fingers barely closed around his thick cock. Her hand slid up the shaft, and as it neared the top a large drop of clear pre-cum formed on the head of his prick. I realized by then I had unzipped my pants and had my own cock out that I was now stroking while watching the action in the living room.

Vidya opened her mouth wide and placed the head of his immense prick to her lips. She had both of her hands on his ass cheeks now, and had to stretch her mouth open even more to get the massive head into her mouth. I was reminded of the Pathan story and how Vidya had been determined to get his whole dick in her mouth.

Gaurav by now had clasped hold of her hair, and started to fuck her mouth.

"Vidya, oh Vidya, oh Vidya!"

Vidya kept her fingers on Gaurav's ass, driving his huge cock deeper into her mouth. She still had several inches left when her head was pushed back by the head of his prick hitting the back of her mouth. She pulled it out slightly and started panting through her nose again. She lifted her ass higher and worked her knees back away from my boss, making a straight line for his cock to slide down her throat, and with a few final deep breaths, once again pulled his ass towards her face.

The sight was incredible! Watching as inch after massive inch disappeared into her open mouth. Vidya once again took a deep breath, and again she sucked him all in, this time without a pause as she took it straight down her throat. Her body arched again as she gagged on the last few inches, but still didn't stop until her nose was pushed flat against Gaurav's pubic hair. His knees started to buckle, and he grabbed the back of her head and started ramming his massive tool into her open mouth. She gagged on every stroke, but never tried to stop him. With one final, long thrust, Gaurav buried his entire cock into Vidya's available mouth and held it there, bucking as he started to cum down her throat. I watched as Vidya, too, stopped moving, and saw her throat muscles moving rhythmically as she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. Finally, after drinking what must have been gallons of cum, Vidya pulled the cock out of her mouth and took a deep breath.

I too was on the verge of coming, but I had restrained myself to ensure the recording was taking place properly. I could see Vidya had a huge smile on her face, and not a drop of cum on her lips. She had swallowed every drop.

Both of them relapsed back into the sofa, temporarily exhausted. I noticed that my boss had only his shirt on, with his pants and underwear on the floor, and minute drops of cum leaking from the tip of his penis. Vidya still had all of her clothes on, however she was completely disheveled.

I took this chance, while they were both catching their breath, to tiptoe up the stairs. Entering the bedroom, I moved across to the walk in closet, entered the huge space and shut the door. Inside, I had placed a stool previously so I could sit and watch the action. It was dark, and the only light was through a small crack on one side of the door. I had fit a camera there. I could see the bed through the crack; however I had the iPad so I could watch (and hear through my earphones) all actions throughout the house.

"Vidya, that was amazing!" My boss was telling my wife. "No one has ever sucked my cock like that before."

"Thank you, Gauravji," Vidya replied. "I never knew a man could have this big cock, Sir."

"Your husband Rajesh isn't this big?" Gaurav taunted.

"Sir, not only is Rajesh much smaller, he would never have lasted as long as you did, Gauravji."

"Yes, yes." Gaurav leaned forward and started to play with Vidya's boobs through her blouse.

"But how come," Viday continued, "your girlfriend doesn't do this for you?"

"My girlfriend?" Gaurav laughed. "That cow only knows about designer shoes and purses. No clues about sex. She wouldn't even give me a blow job! Imagine that!"

"But, surely, you must have had other girls do it for you then?"

"Oh yes." My boss was boasting. "My fiancée doesn't know how many girls I have on the side. But Vidya, none of those 50-rupee whores can suck dick like you – you were incredible!"

"Thank you, Gauravji." Vidya gave a shy smile. So now my wife was being compared to a 50-rupee-whore, and she was lapping up the praise. "I only aimed to please you, Sir."

"Vidya, can you stand up and come here?" My boss raised a finger and beckoned her.

"Of course, Gauravji. Whatever you order, I will obey."

Vidya raised herself to her feet and walked over to stand in front of my boss. He grabbed her by her waist and positioned her so she was facing away, slightly bent forward with her butts sticking out at his face. Raising a hand, Gaurav spanked her ass!


"Ow!" Vidya immediately rubbed her behind with her hands. "Gauravji, why did you hit me? Did I do something to displease you?"

"Oh no, Vidya!" Gaurav raised a hand to spank her again. "I had always wanted to spank a woman with as sexy, fleshy butts as you. Did it hurt? I am going to spank you again."

"Well, Sir, if it gives you pleasure, I will not refuse." Vidya acquiesced reluctantly. "But only a few more, Gauravji. I have a very tender butt."

"Yes, yes." Gaurav didn't even wait for her to finish.


He spanked her derriere again, and again.

Sitting in the bedroom, I could only watch helplessly as this man hit my wife on her ample trunk repeatedly. I could see Vidya grimace, but she gallantly bore the pain. There was now no decorum, no more charm offensive. Gaurav was now using my wife as an object of his pleasure.

"Vidya!" My boss stood up. "Get out of that sari. Let's see your hot, sexy body."

I could see Gaurav's cock rise. Amazing! He just had dumped a gallon of cum in Vidya's mouth, and here he was, ready to go again!

Vidya saw his rising member and murmured, "Not here, Sir, let's go to my bed." Vidya was rubbing a damp spot on her crotch area. It was clear she was eagerly anticipating of what was soon going to be pumping deep inside her.

Gaurav got up and Vidya took his hand, leading him to the bedroom. As they disappeared from the camera there, I unzipped my jeans and unbuckled my belt, letting my pants fall to my ankles. Holding my cock in my hand, I took my seat in the closet and waited for them to begin. I was fully hard. I couldn't believe I was eagerly waiting for my wife to get well and truly fucked by another man. A sudden feeling of inadequacy swept over me.

They entered the bedroom, and I could see Gaurav was completely naked. He must have taken off his shirt on the way. I could see his back was just ripped with muscles and he had washboard abs. Vidya was going to enjoy him, I thought. My wife closed the door once they were both in. As soon as she shut the door, Gaurav pinned her against the wall.

He quickly tore off her blouse. There was no finesse – just a rip, and the blouse was on the floor. Gaurav then reached around her, and in a moment he had Vidya's bra off. My wife was now topless and her large breasts popped into view. I could see that nipples were firm and hard. She was moaning, completely aroused. Next came the sari, which he deftly opened. Vidya helped him get it off her and it lay rumpled on the floor. A tug, and the strings of her petticoat sprung open, and with a phoosh it too fell to her ankles. Save for the thin string-like thong, and the mangalsutra, Vidya was now completely naked.

"Sir, shall I take off the mangalsutra?" Vida helpfully asked, raising her hands to unclasp the holy necklace.

"No! Leave it there." Gaurav ordered. "It will remind me that while your husband is attending to my problems in the office, I am attending to his wife at his home!"

They both laughed. It was becoming a pattern now. Gaurav would taunt me, and Vidya would join in, often adding to the insult. She now remained standing in front of him, nude, dressed in only a thong, like a slave girl at a slave market ready to be inspected by her master, from tales of yore. Gaurav was breathing heavily and had a semi-glazed look of pure lust on his face.

He picked up my wife and carried her in his arms to the bed. Plonking her down on the bed, he pulled off her thong, climbed in beside her and the two locked in a passionate embrace. He kissed Vidya on her mouth, on her eyes, on her hair and moved down to her neck. I knew Vidya loved having her neck bitten and I could already see her toes curl. Gaurav tweaked her nipples with his hands, and then bent down further and sucked it gently into his mouth.

Vidya spread her legs to allow him to position his penis. Gaurav got on top of her, and positioned his thick bulbous cock over her labia and rubbed the head on the opening of her cunt for some time. Vidya was pushing up her cunt hoping that Gaurav would enter her, but he kept teasing her, touching the tip of his cock to her labia and then withdrawing.

Finally Vidya could take it no more.

"Gauravji, please, I want you to fuck me now, please," She wailed.

Gaurav laughed.

"Say it more nicely, Vidya. Say that you want your husband's boss to fuck you."

"Yes, Sir, please. You are my husband's boss and I am his slut wife. I want you to fuck me, sir. I am a slut. I am another man's wife yet I want my husband's boss to fuck me."

It was surreal listening and watching as my wife begged for another man to fuck her.

"Because you have been such a very good hostess, Vidya, and asked so nicely," Gaurav sneered, "You will now see what a real cock feels like for the very first time."

Inch by inch Gaurav pushed into her. Warm, and giving her vaginal stimulation, it caused her to moan softly and turn her head sideways. Finally, he pressed deep into her, and Vidya gasped as her cunt was being stretched out fully. She closed her eyes and her mouth opened as she groaned with pleasure.

I could see that my boss was a good lover, who knew exactly how to pleasure a woman with sex. Vidya sweated, moaned, screamed, and clawed him as she flowed from the peak of one orgasm to another.

"Oh God! Oh God!" Vidya was now screaming and grunting loudly in tune with his pounding. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God! Fuck me!"

I felt my balls tighten and my own cum began to shoot as I watched the couple before me. I watched his prick as he pushed it into my wife, stretching her, filling her up, as he entered her. Then he started to fuck her faster I could hear his balls slapping hard against my wife's ass as he pounded her. It was truly stunning watching my wife enjoy being powerfully fucked by my boss. He thrust into her forcefully like a man possessed, trying to split her with his massive cock, while I watched and masturbated. I could see his cock buried fully inside her and his big heavy balls resting on her ass cheeks, the juices flowing out of her pussy and down her buttocks. I could hear her gasping and begging him to fuck her harder.

Gaurav's body stiffened and he pushed himself as deep as he could into Vidya. His face contorted as he started to ejaculate. I knew he was depositing another load in places much deeper than I ever had. I saw their combined juices, thick and white, on the shaft of my boss's cock as he fucked in-an-out. It was slowly running out of Vidya's pussy and down her ass. He remained inside her for almost five minute. They caressed and kissed before he finally rolled off her. I looked at my freshly fucked wife covered in sweat and love bites on her neck, my boss's semen oozing out of her vagina, the room reeking with the aroma of sweat and sex.

"Gauravji, you must go now." Vidya suddenly sat up in bed. "My husband can return any minute."

"But Vidya," Gaurav was beyond caring. "I still have to fuck you in the ass."

"Sir, not now." Vidya stood up. "Please, Gauravji, you must leave now. I need to clean up this room, and the room downstairs, and take a shower before my husband returns."

"No, I want your ass, Vidya."

"Sir, please, can you come tomorrow? My husband will be at work, and you can ... fuck my ass."

Gaurav stood up and took Vidya into his arms and French-kissed her for a long time. Then he broke away and told her, "I will see you again, tomorrow, Vidya. I cannot have enough of you."

"So, Sir, you will cheat on your fiancée for me? What will she say?"

"She doesn't need to know!" Gaurav laughed. "If it wasn't for the money, I would have left that bitch long ago."


"Vidya," Gaurav turned to her as he was leaving. "Tomorrow, I will send Rajesh on some work out of town for a few days, and I will visit you at home. I will stay here with you for a week and we can spend much longer time together."

"Yes, Gauravji, I would like that very much, but you must leave now."

After I heard Gaurav leave and the front door slam shut, I came out of the walk in closet. Vidya was lying, naked, on the bed, legs spread, her hands rubbing her vulva. She was stroking herself.

"Oh, Rajesh!" She gushed. "That was incredible. He was so good. I haven't been pounded like that in a loooooong time."

"Yes, dear, but I ..."

"Sshhh!" Vidya shut me up with a finger to her lips. "Come here and fuck me. I haven't been fucked by two guys one after another in a long while."

Without another word, I got in bed and began to kiss her gently, planning to slowly work my way up her body. Vidya was having none of it. She grabbed my ears harshly and pulled me up to her lips. My wife had the aroma of a freshly fucked female. I plunged deep into her cunt, putting my penis up her love tunnel where she had just taken another man's cock. Her vagina was completely wet, and as I went into her, I could hardly feel her sides, so stretched she was by Gaurav's giant dick. There was a feeling of wetness on my wiener; a wetness I realized was because her hole was full of cum – another man's cum. Her thighs were sticky; she was still leaking Gaurav's love juices as I fucked her with my rigid tool. I exploded in Vidya within seconds.

"Mmmm..... Mmmmm .... " Vidya was still mewing.

She hardly felt me pull out, and continued to insert her hand into her wetness and masturbate herself. After what seemed like ages, her orgasms finally subsided. Vidya crept and snuggled against me in bed, her pussy still leaking cum all over the bed.

"Darling." I stroked her head. "I think we got all we needed to on the cameras. Why did you tell Gaurav to come here again tomorrow?"

"We haven't gotten everything." Vidya answered. "He has to admit on camera that he fucked up the Korean deal, that he has set you up for a fall, and that he took kickbacks to seal the deal. Only then can we ensure you are out of the woods."

"But ... but ..." I was puzzled. "We have him on tape, with ... you. And ... we can show that to his fiancée and she can ... give him the boot. You know, her father will fire him."

"We don't know that." Vidya seemed to have made up her mind. I wondered for a moment if I was going to lose her. The moment she was impaled on Gaurav's giant appendage seemed to have woken up something that had lain dormant in her for years.

"He can claim I was a one-time fuck." Vidya explained. "He can tell his fiancée he just strayed once, with me, and ask for forgiveness. I know if you fucked me like he fucked me, I could forgive you having a one night fling."

"I see." I cringed as she relived the feeling of having a monster in her cunt.

"No!" Vidya decided. "I will fuck him tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after. I will wear different clothes so we can show it's more than one time that he took your wife to bed. And I will make him admit that you were nothing more than a mere obedient servant in his Korean deals and he took kickbacks."

The next morning, true to his word, Gaurav put me on an urgent project in another part of the country. With a sinking feeling, I realized I would have to stay there for the next 4-5 days. I flew out straight from the office, using the company helicoptor. The project kept me busy till evening every day, so I could hardly check through my iPad what was going on in the house. All day at work my mind was on what Gaurav was doing to my wife, which kept me hard.

As I had feared, Gaurav spent the work week (five days) at my house while I was away. During this whole period, he had my wife serving him at his beck and call. At night when I was in my hotel room, I would log in and replay the scenes, or see a live view as they shamelessly fucked like rabbits on our marriage bed. Gaurav had made my house (and my wife) completely his.

Vidya and my boss were like a newly married couple. She would wake him up every morning with a blowjob. He had ordered Vidya to remain completely naked around the house while he was there. My wife would carry out her daily tasks, in the buff, completely uninhibited, shamelessly flaunting her gyrating buttocks or her big, pendulous breasts at my boss while he sported a permanent hard on. He was always hugging or kissing her, or having a quick fuck. Gaurav continuously would make fun of me and Vidya would join in the laughter. Whenever she would pass him by, he would grab her and would always be groping and squeezing her tits and ass, and having her play with his cock and balls.

Several times he would pin her down on the floor, face down, get on top of her and fuck her in the ass. I could hear Vidya scream, "No, Sir! My asshole! Please be gentle, Gauravji!" He paid her no heed, pumping furiously into her buttocks and dumping cum all over her back.

Gaurav seemed to have a particular fascination with her ass. He would fuck her doggy style, or spank her behind with frenzy. During the third day he even got a cane and would put Vidya over his knees and punish her like a naughty school girl.

I would lie awake in my hotel room listening to Gaurav and my wife having the time of their lives. She moaned and groaned and grunted and sighed and screamed in pleasure, time after time after time. It seemed there was no room in the house they did not have sex in.

Gaurav had to reluctantly leave the next Saturday, since I was returning from out of town. Vidya put on clothes for the first time in a week and greeted me in the airport with a kiss. She asked me if I had seen her and Gaurav through the iPad's camera app. I replied I had. We rushed home and had a wild fuck session.

I spent the weekend editing the videos and printing a few pictures. We made a package and sent it anonymously to the daughter of the owner of the company – Gaurav's fiancée. Next thing we know, he is fired.

One of the Board of Directors later took me aside and told me that Gaurav had claimed it was a set up, and it was Vidya in the video. I told him that I knew I was having marital issues, and I loved my wife and would like to go to counseling with her. That was the end of that chapter. As I predicted, I was promoted to Gaurav's job to fix his mess.

Vidya still occasionally misses Gaurav's lovemaking. It's been over a year now, and she has not strayed from our marriage ever since, although she will use the incident from time to time to taunt me in bed and make me hard and spice up the sex. Sometimes, we would watch the unedited videos before having mind blowing orgasms.

I knew I got to witness my wife being so thoroughly fucked – but I knew it was a one-off situation that was forced on us. Vidya told me that while she misses the sex, she loved me and she would never cheat on me – unless of course a similar opportunity once again presented itself. For my sake, and for hers, I hope it does, soon.

We have a one year old son Aakash and soon (in a month), we would be celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary.

It was past 10.30 at night, and my son was asleep in his room. Vidya was lying on the bed reading, and I was working on my laptop on a project.

"Oh my fat lover," Vidya called out from the bed. "Leave your laptop and come here. I need a good lick and then a good fuck."

That was one great thing I loved about Vidya. Sex with her was very efficient. She was explicit and blunt about her needs. A nymphomaniac by nature, she would tell you exactly what she wanted to you do -- no hunting around for "subtle hints".

"Yes, darling." Obediently, I shut my laptop and stood up. Walking over and standing beside the bed, to her left, I started to undress. My shirt came off first, followed by my watch. I then reached down and unbuckled the belt. Rolling down my jeans to my ankles, I stepped out of my pants. Vidya caught hold of the waistband of my underpants, slowly pulling them down. My small penis sprang free and hit her in the face. She laughed, and continued to roll down my underwear until I was completely naked.

You see, one year into our marriage, Vidya had implemented the Clothed Female Naked Male policy. That meant that whenever we would retire for the night, or get into bed for sex, I would have to completely strip before I was even allowed to get into the bed. Vidya, on the other hand, could be wearing whatever she wished. Tonight, Vidya was wearing a pink negligee of translucent material, which covered her till her knees.

Let me briefly describe our physical appearances here. I am thirty four years of age, and Vidya is thirty two. I am your typical average height and built. Though physically healthy and fit, I have a paunch around my tummy area -- that Vidya had recently started to make fun of. She would lovingly call me "Fatty, come here" or "Oh my fat lover, suck my vagina", and so on. My penis isn't anything to write home about either -- Vidya calls it 'small, cute and functional'. My wife, of course, has seen and played with much larger cocks than mine. I am a shy, introvert, bookish kind of guy who was a virgin until our wedding night.

Vidya, on the other hand, is my polar opposite. She remained completely physically fit, even after her pregnancy. She exercised religiously, and at 5'8" was taller than most Indian women. She was very proud of her curves, with humongous breasts (28DD), wide hips, a broad ass, and a fleshy, milky white, well-toned tummy. And yes, to say she was sexually active before our marriage was understating it -- her legs were open to anyone she fancied. Students, professors, janitors, labourers, accountants, and even a pujari -- almost someone from every profession had deposited their semen in her cunt.

I snuggled against Vidya and hugged her tightly. My tongue found her lips and we kissed deeply, exploring each other's mouths with passion. She moved her arms around my back, and slowly, gingerly, caressed my behind. Then she smacked my bum.


I started to slide against her body, slowly going down on her. My face came to her breasts, as I licked each nipple and sucked on them gently. She pushed my head down further as I inserted my tongue into her navel and covered her tummy with kisses. I rubbed my face against her inner thighs as her pubic hair hit my nostrils. She wasn't wearing panties. My tongue flicked out as I started to lick her clitoris.

"Mmmmm... mmmm..." Vidya grabbed my ears with either hand and started to twist them, as she moaned and writhed with pleasure. "Oh, fatso! Keep doing it, my love, oh my!"

My face was now between into her thighs, and she was gushing like a waterfall. Each lashing of my tongue provoked further moans of ecstasy and secretions of her love juice. My face was now glistening with her dampness. I kept inserting my tongue into the folds of her vulva and swirling it around her love hole. With a final shriek, her body arched and she started to cum.

"OH MY GOD! OH YES! OH YES!" Gripping my head in a vice-lock with her thighs, and holding my ears firmly in her hands, Vidya bobbed up and down in the throes of her orgasm. Finally, after oozing out huge amounts of wetness, she subsided.

"Wow." She remarked, finally catching her breath. "Good job, fatty. Come here. Let me reward you."

I crept up her body. She cupped my wet face in her hands and kissed me. While I lay passively there, Vidya licked the base of my mouth and deep French-kissed me, rolling her tongue into me. Bending down one hand, she grabbed hold of my rigid shaft and started to stroke me.

"Ready to put your little dickie into use, darling?" She asked me, with a coy smile.

"Yes, dear."

"Would you like to put your small wee wee into my pussy, dear, or my butt?"

"Whatever gives you the most pleasure, darling."

Vidya seemed to consider my answer for a while, before she slowly raised her hand to my face and gingerly rubbed my cheeks. Grimacing, I got ready for what was coming.




Vidya slapped me again, and again, and again. My cheeks flushed bright red, partly from the pain, partly from shame as my Indian wife, who is supposed to respect her husband, slapped me endlessly. Finally, she decided I had enough, and then she made me slowly suck her nipples. Vidya then grabbed my hand and led it to her love tunnel. She was leaking again! Slapping me had gotten her off. I slowly fingered her to her second orgasm of the night. Writhing, thrashing around, she moaned until the peak of her sexual excitation subsided.

"Oh, honey!" She gushed, covering me with kisses at the exact same spot as where she had slapped me momentarily ago. "You are the best husband I could ever have wanted!"

"Thank you, Vidya." I swelled with pride. I may have had a small penis, but I kept her happy.

"Most men I have been with have just used me as a piece of ass to pump their meat into." Vidya was effusive in her praise. "Yet you! You are the most submissive husband I could have ever dreamed off. You give me pleasure, the way I want it, and you treat me gently, like a lady, not a slut, and you just obey, no questions asked."

"Thank you, Vidya."

Vidya continued to rub my penis up and down before answering, "Right now, as your reward for pleasuring me, you will get to fuck me, darling. Then, if you can get it up again, my husbandji, my ass is open for business."

"Thank you, dear."

Vidya sat up in bed. "Fatty, I will be right back."

"Yes, dear." I wondered what was up as Vidya got out of bed and walked over to the cabinet. As she opened the cabinet door, she jiggled her body so that her negligee slipped off her shoulders and onto the floor. Now the only piece of cloth remaining on her firm, juicy body was her bra.

"Honey, let's watch this movie. You can cum in me after that." Vidya had grabbed a DVD and inserted it into the player. She grabbed the remote and switched on the TV before flopping down next to me on the bed. "It's the G and V show."

"Oh," I realized which DVD she had put in. "Is this the edited or the unedited one?"

Vidya grinned. "Uneditted." She snuggled against me, one hand around my neck and one hand on my prick, and the video started to play.

A naked woman came on screen, her back to the camera. The view focused on her gyrating, fleshy buttocks. I knew who that woman was, of course. I have seen this video millions of times. It was Vidya, from two years ago.

The onscreen Vidya was now dancing to some music, swinging her expansive hips to the tune. The camera then showed a man, sitting on the bed, watching her. He was naked too. I also knew who this man was -- he was my former boss, Gaurav.

Gaurav sat on the bed, in the buff, with a beer in his hand, watching my equally naked wife dance. We could see him stroke his hard, rigid, monster cock with one hand. He then leaned forward and smacked Vidya on her butt. It was a resounding smack, and the slap left a red handprint on Vidya's left butt cheek. Non-plussed, she continued to dance.

"He really loved spanking my ass." Vidya told me, as she nibbled my ear while we watched her get spanked, again and again and again, on the video. "Gaurav fucked me several times daily, and almost every time we had sex he would spank my buttocks. Oh, he was not gentle with me at all."

On screen, Vidya was now gingerly rubbing her very sore, and very red, ass. She then turned back to look at the man who had just thrashed her ass -- and manage a smile. Gaurav laughed cruelly and told her to get in position again -- the spanking wasn't over.

"He loved using me as a 50-rupee-whore." Vidya told me, stroking my hardness, as her onscreen version lay over Gaurav's knees while he raised a hand and struck her butt cheeks, again and again. "It was very exciting for him that you, his employee, was away working for him, he was in your house, in your bed -- using your wife as a fuck toy and cum dump. Oh, the things he made me do in those 5 days!"

Gaurav then pulled her sharply to him and made her sit on his lap. His hands went to her breasts, pinching and kneading them, while he rubbed his hardness against her clit.

"Look how rough he was with me." Vidya told me, "You are so tender, so gentle, and you listen to me and obey me. Whereas your boss pretty much used me like a rag doll, to serve him as he wished. If he wanted to spank me, I would bend over and present my bottom. If he wanted a blow job, he would snap his fingers and I would be at his feet, taking his cock in my mouth. And if he wanted to fuck me, he just grabbed me and did it -- whether it was my cunt or my ass, he was a brute -- a real man's man."

As she spoke, Vidya turned herself around. Her mouth was now on my dick, while her pussy was in front of my face. It was a classic 69 position. I kept licking her choot (cunt in Hindi) as she sucked my member into rigid hardness. Vidya was now cumming again. We both kept an eye on the video.

Gaurav now had Vidya on the bed, on her hands and knees, as he got behind her. He was going to ride her, doggy style. Once again, with her buttocks on display, he couldn't help himself, and Vidya got a couple of sharp slaps to her ample derriere. The camera showed her grimace, but she held her position.

"If I moved, that was extra slaps." Vidya told me, as her own screen version's ass had crimson marks across it. Gaurav laughed, and then used his hands to part Vidya's buttocks so that her asshole was clearly visible. He then spit into her ass a couple of times.

The man who used to be my boss then spit on his own hands and rubbed his monster dick. He was using his own saliva as a lubricant as he positioned the bulbous head of his cock against Vidya's ass. Slowly, he started to push his huge rod inside her.

"Oh, Sir! My ass! Ooooh, it hurts, Sir! Aaaah!" Vidya cried out as Gaurav, with a firm grip on her buttocks, pushed his dick, inch by inch, into her ass. He repeatedly thrust in and out of her while Vidya continued to moan, half in pain, half in pleasure.

"Sir, please Sir, cum in me, oh Sir!"

Finally, I could see Gaurav's butt cheeks clench, as emptied his cum into her.

Vidya got off my body, paused the video to a shot that showed her on screen version screaming in ecstasy, turned around to face me and asked, "Hubby, ready?"

"Yes." I answered her, my cock erect.

Vidya lied down on her back and spread her legs. I climbed over her, and in one move plunged my hardness into her. I was completely aroused seeing Gaurav maul her butts, so a couple of strokes and I exploded in her.

As I laid back and caught my breath back, Vidya hugged me tightly and whispered, "That scene always makes you so hot, doesn't it?"

"Yes." I admitted. "The way he used you, and ripped you apart with his huge prick, and you begged for more; I loved watching that part."

Vidya nodded. "Darling, he used your wife like a real man -- something you can never do. It's bound to turn someone like you on."

Vidya had never cheated on me -- except once. It was two years ago, and it was with my (former) boss Gaurav. It had been a one-off situation where she had to go to bed with him to save my job. For a week she had been his sex toy, fucked in every hole and used in every way sexually as possible. I had kept my job. Now Gaurav was gone, and I was promoted to his position, and it had all turned out well.

I then blurted out something that I had been thinking for some time.

"Vidya, sweetheart, I would love to watch you again with someone."

Shit! I thought, what am I saying?

We both knew that the idea of someone else fucking my wife turns me on. But, save for a desperate situation with Gaurav, Vidya has never cheated on me, and now I was telling her I would love to see her screw around with another man, where there was no need to do so.

For a minute, Vidya was quiet. Was she angry?

"Are you ... sure?" She finally asked. She wasn't angry! I thought I detected a curious (and hopeful?) tone in her voice.

"I ..." I decided to come clean to Vidya. That was one of the advantages of being a submissive husband. I could tell her any time what's on my mind. I didn't have any ego or false bravado to live up to -- Vidya knew I was no macho man and I didn't have to pretend. I could just surrender to her completely, and let her make the decisions. It was very liberating.

"You know I love you completely, Vidya." I told her, as she nodded and kissed me in acknowledgement. "I could never bear the loss of losing you; of not having you in my life. But sometimes, when I think of what Gaurav did to you, that whole week, and sometimes, when you tell me about your previous boyfriends, I really ... want to see you with ... another man."

"I see." Vidya had now taken my flaccid member in her hand and was gently rubbing it, knowing I was now in a vulnerable position. "Go on, my dearest."

"So I was thinking, if you ... if you ... did it with someone ..."

"You mean fuck another man on your marital bed? Cuckold you? Have another young, big, dick in my pussy?" Vidya was smiling like the cat that got the cream.

"Forget it." I realized it was a bad idea. "I am sorry I put you through that, darling. Please forgive me. I don't know what came over me."

"Yes, yes. It's better to forget it." Vidya seemed lost in thought. Then she turned her attention to another matter. "Let's get you up again, fatty. My ass still needs a cock -- no matter how small."

"Yes, dear."

Vidya forwarded the video to a section where Gaurav was eating her out on the sofa, before slapping her face several times, and finally giving her a good fuck. A few minutes later, I was hard enough to cum in Vidya's buttocks. Vidya often let me cum in her ass, as my small dick did not cause her much pain. After kissing each other good night, with the smell of semen all over the room, we both fell asleep.

I forgot our conversation as work kept me busy, and Vidya too was involved with an interior decorating course she was taking from home. I wanted to plan a weekend getaway for our anniversary, but my wife wanted to stay home. She told me to leave all planning to her; she would pick out a nice restaurant and so on. I gratefully acquiesced.

Soon, it was the day of our anniversary. It was a Tuesday, and I was at work. Around 10.30 in the morning, just when I was having my coffee break, Vidya called me.

"Honey!" She was panting. "Can you take the rest of the day off and come home?"

"Vidya! Is everything OK? Why are you panting?"

"No ... no ... everything is fine." Vidya gasped. "I am just ... masturbating."

"Oh." Was the only thing I could say at my wife's behavior.

"So, this is what I want you to do." Vidya instructed me. "Come home around 12 sharp. I will be going out soon, dropping our son at my mom's." Vidya's widowed mother lived just down the street, and every morning Vidya dropped our son off at her place so she could go to the gym or go shopping. "And so the house will be empty. Do you understand?"

I was the VP of a multinational firm, so of course I understood this simple instruction.

"Yes, dear. I will go to our house at 12 noon sharp."

"Good. Now fatso, listen to me carefully." Vidya's voice almost dropped to a whisper. "You will enter the house, and go up to our bedroom. Remember the huge walk in closet you were hiding and watching me as Gaurav pounded me, again and again, with his giant cock? Good! You will hide there, close that door. Take your iPad with you too -- the one that has the camera app."

"Yes, dear." I wondered what elaborate scheme Vidya was planning. She sometimes had this sexual role play games that she made me participate it, which were quite detailed. I wondered if she was planning something similar to those.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Harder! Harder! Ah!" Vidya was now screaming into the phone. No doubt, she was fingering herself to an orgasm.

"Ok! Where was I?" Catching her breath, Vidya continued. "So yes, you will remain hiding in that closet like the little fucking pervert you are."

My dick was rising at the condescending tone Vidya was using towards me, and at the noises of her orgasm.

"Now, listen to this, honey. This is important. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, YOU WILL REMAIN INSIDE THE CLOSET until I specifically, remember, SPECIFICALLY, ask you to come out. Do you understand?"

"Yes, dear." My cock was now erect, wondering at the "no matter what happens" part. What did Vidya have in mind?

Soon, I took half the day off work and left, timing it so that I came home just around noon. Vidya and my son was nowhere to be seen. The house was freshly cleaned (Vidya could be a finicky cleaner when in the mood), and our bedroom was also properly made up. I took my iPhone with me, grabbed a stool and entered the huge walk-in closet of our bedroom. Placing the stool so I could sit and watch all the action on the bed through a crack on the closet door, I sat down and turned on my iPad.

In addition to viewing the bed through that crack, I could also see it on my iPad. Two years ago I had installed secret cameras in the bedroom and in the living room, and they were all wirelessly connected to my iPad. Those cameras helped me tape Vidya and Gaurav's affair, which we edited and gave anonymously to Gaurav's fiancée -- the daughter of the owner of the corporation I worked for. Our plan worked perfectly -- Gaurav was fired and I took his place. I switched on the iPad now, plugged in my headphones so I could listen, and switched to our living room camera.

I could hear a voice. Yes, Vidya had just entered our home, and someone seemed to be with her. I could hear a man's voice! Vidya soon came into the living room, and thus on my screen. I could see she was wearing a simple blue sari, wrapped nonchalantly around her body, with her waist and navel exposed. Her blouse was a small, low cut one, giving anyone a good view of her ample cleavage. Her hair was rolled up in a bun at the top of her head. Vidya's guest followed her into the living room. My jaws dropped in shock.

It was our doodhwaala Ramu! Our milkman! Ramu was a low-class labourer who went door to door on our street every morning delivering fresh milk to the housewives. What was he doing here? His delivery time should have been in the morning, I thought.

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