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I am narrating a true incident that happened about six months ago. This is a real story that happened in my life and no attempt has been made to spice things up artificially. My wife came back from her mother’s place after delivering our second baby. We had two little toddlers with the eldest one being 18 months old. My wife was struggling to take care of our two little kids as they had to be monitored all the time. Her maternity leaves were coming to an end. We did not know whose help to seek. My mother in law lived in a remote village and she offered to help until we find someone. I am from Chennai and she did not like staying in Chennai beyond a week. She comes from a large joint family and her home has at least about 20 people at any given point of time. She could not stay at home all alone with two little kids after my wife and I had gone to work.

My mother was not in good health and she could not run around the house looking after two toddlers. We had a live in maid servant whom we selected after a lot of elimination, but were not happy with her services either. My wife was hesitant to go to work inspite of her maternity leaves coming to an end. We did not know what to do as my wife was afraid of losing her job. She asked for one week leave extension. We searched frantically for about five days and nothing materialized. My wife did not wish to go to work leaving both toddlers in the hands of some maid servant whom we just knew without any references. I decided to apply one month leave and search again till we found someone.

We took this decision and then went to my mother’s place for a casual weekend visit. I informed my mother about my decision. She thought about it for a moment and asked me if I would be ok if my chithi (mom’s younger sister) took care of the kids until we find someone. I was delighted and relieved, but we weren’t sure if chithi would agree to it. My chithi (Soundarya) was widowed and lived in my native place with her brother (mama) after her husband’s death. She had one daughter who was married to someone in the gulf. Her daughter came to visit her once a year. My chithi did not wish to live all alone in a big house and decided to live with her brother. My mother decided to give chithi a call and find out if she could help for some time.

My chithi was about 44 years old and I had seen her once during her daughter’s wedding about 2 years back. Her husband died of a heart attack a few years back. My parents attended the funeral but I could not as I was stuck in some assignment in Delhi. We were watching T.V in the hall and my mom came to us with a smiling face and told us that chithi had agreed to stay with us. My mom used to tell me that my chithi used to be very close to me as a kid. She used to bathe me and take care of me all the time till she got married. My wife was relieved that some close relative was taking care of the kids. I was extremely relieved as I knew my chithi to be a very kind and tolerant person who will have no trouble in adjusting to our family. My mom gave me my chithi’s phone number to call. I called her and she said that she will arrive in 3 days time as she had to inform everyone that she was going to be out of town for at least a few months. I booked train tickets for her and started making arrangements for her stay at our house. We cleaned up the guest bedroom and attached toilet bath using professional help.

I went to the railway station to pick up my chithi. My chithi smiled on seeing me and ruffled my hair. I picked up her two suitcases and drove home. She was about 5 feet 7 inches tall with a wheatish complexion and good build. She had good facial features but looked very dull. She wore a nice sari but did not wear a bindi. She also covered herself with a shawl. I was surprised that she was wearing a very good quality, modern footwear even though she was from a very small village.

My wife was very happy to see her. We showed her room and she got settled after some time. My wife left for work immediately as her one week extension was over the previous day. I had taken the day off as I was planning to introduce the maid servant to my chithi and also teach her how to use the different electrical and electronic devices at home. I took care of the kids until my chithi got ready. My chithi took a shower and started drying her fan in the hall while watching T.V. Both my kids had fallen asleep. Chithi had a little bit of tummy, but appeared to be well built above that. She had long hair till the waist. She wore a sari very well, unlike typical housewives. She came and ruffled my hair and asked me if I had something to eat. I served her breakfast which was made by my wife.

My chithi had breakfast and went into the kitchen to make something. I quickly informed chithi that she does not have to do the cooking part as my wife will be the one doing the cooking. She said she just wanted to make a quick snack. She seemed well versed at handling the automatic stove and also told me that she knew how to use all electrical devices in the kitchen. I went to my room and started browsing the computer. My chithi came in about ten minutes with a big bowl of kesari (sweet) which she made in the kitchen, I was pleasantly surprised. She said that kesari used to be my favorite when I was a kid. It still was and I was gorging the mouth watering kesari. I was tasted so well with ghee, cashews and raisins. She found all the ingredients in the kitchen and I did not even show it to her, Wow!! I thought. I offered her some; but, she said that she didn’t like sweets a lot.

As days progressed I found that my chithi was a very intelligent person. Even though my wife was an engineering graduate, chithi appeared to be more intelligent than my wife. I then found out that my chithi was educated till B.Sc and she stopped going to college during second year after getting married. My chithi had a love marriage and my mom and her parents were against it. My parents came to visit chithi during the weekend and informed me that chithi was the best student in her village school and also college. I was surprised again. I learnt that we should never stereotype people based on where they come from.

Days progressed and chithi was getting to know me more and more. She could guess exactly what I was thinking. My wife had off only on Sundays and second Saturdays while I had off on all Saturdays and Sundays. I had the opportunity to spend more time with my chithi and kids. I loved the way my chithi took care of the kids. She used to give them a nice oil massage and then bathe them using warm water. There was a lot of love in what she did. She seemed to be a very affectionate person. I felt sorry that she had become a widow so early in her life. We would play carom, cards and chess during the weekends. She was an expert card player. She could defeat me most of the time. I was charmed with her smartness and attention to detail. We would share a good laugh, enjoy the weekends talking about family stories, watching movies and sometimes even playing video games. She would make my favorite sweets at very short notice.

Since she was almost like a mother to me I used to touch her shoulders, hair and hands and both of us did not experience any kind of discomfort, as she once took care of me when I was a little kid. It was more an affectionate feeling than anything else. She used be very close to me in front of my wife too and she (wife) did not mind at all as my chithi was like a mother to me. Only by looking at her forehead could someone tell that she was a widow. We continued our search for a good maid. Every weekend we will have at least one maid who will come to our house and demand an exorbitant price or look unclean. I asked my chithi how long she can stay back until we find someone good. She said she can stay back longer as the kids had brought back a lot of enthusiasm in her life. I asked her directly if she could stay back for a year, she agreed. All of us were very happy with her decision.

Months progressed and my wife got promoted. She became obsessed with work and came home very late and tired. It was almost the same routine; she will leave the house at 7.30am and come back at around 7pm. She would freshen up, cook food, and play with the kids for about an hour and go to sleep. She would hit the bed by 9pm and get up at around 5.30am to cook food and get ready. She was so tired that she would sleep more than 14 hours during the weekend. Our sex life took a major backseat. We slowed down from having sex everyday to having sex only on Sundays. I was yet to become 30 and sex once a week did not seem adequate for me. Her tiredness and my lack of sex took a toll on our relationship.

I started becoming angry over petty issues. I started going to different places on Saturdays with my kids and chithi. We used to go to the beach or go for long walks with the kids in a trolley. My wife was aware of all this and was happy that I had emotional outlet and did not sit at home and get frustrated. She in fact encouraged us go to go somewhere during the weekends so that the kids also can get a whiff of fresh air. This got me and my chithi very close and we were so regular to the beach that people must have started assuming that she was my wife. Even though my chithi was elder to me by about 15 years, she did not look older than 35. She had a fair, good looking clean face without any creases, spots or pimples. She even had pink colored lips. Her hair was jet black and she did not dye it. She attributed her good looks and hair to the clean water and air in her village.

My wife used to sleep with the kids every night and my chithi used to stay awake late till night. She used to read novels all the time. I was a big movie freak and always liked to watch new movies on the big screen. I stopped watching movies after we had kids as we could not take them to a movie theatre. We once went to a drive in theatre and struggled as the kids were simply restless and the younger one was crying all the time due to the loud noise. I was big fan of actor Surya and wanted to watch one of his blockbuster movies which was also releasing in a drive- in-theatre. I asked my wife to take half a day off on Saturday so that she could catch some sleep during the evening and go to the night show which begins at 10pm. She agreed and came home early and slept. I informed my chithi that she might have to spend some time alone with the kids as we were about to go out for a movie. My chithi agreed happily.

I had bought the tickets in advance. When my wife woke up at around 7pm, she had developed headache and little bit of fever. I was disappointed but could not help it and decided to cancel the tickets. I bought some medicines for her and was trying to call to cancel the tickets which were purchased online. My wife advised me to go ahead with the plan and watch the movie. She said that she will be at home and take care of the kids. I told her that I will be bored watching the movie alone and it was too late to invite any of my friends as they would have been drunk by now (Saturday night). She asked me to take my chithi. I was hesitant. My chithi who was listening to the conversation agreed to come. I was surprised because she seemed happy to go the movie. I was a little disappointed because I used to love getting intimate with my wife inside the car during song sequences. We usually ended up having good sex after coming back from the movie.

My chithi wanted to have 20 minutes to get ready. She took a shower and when she opened the door, the smell of fragrant shampoo and soap filled the air. I innocently asked her what soap; she told me the name of some imported soap that was sent to her by her daughter from the gulf. She dressed up very well in a red sari, but did not wear a bindi. She wore a new set of sandals that she bought from her native place. My wife was in fact happy that I was getting to watch the movie. I quickly ordered some food for my wife from a nearby restaurant and left after the food was delivered. I asked her to call if she needed anything; she agreed and sent us off. My chithi was really excited to go to a movie at night. She said that she has never watched a night show and that she also did not know what a drive in theatre looked like. We reached early and drove into the very first row of the drive in.

The movie was about to begin in about in about 15 minutes and I was about to get some coke and some snacks to munch while watching the movie. I asked my chithi if she wanted something. She said that she wanted to come with me. She held my fist tightly and walked very closely. Our shoulders were rubbing each other, but I did not feel anything as she was almost like my mom. I bought some coke and chips, my chithi bought some popcorn and juice. We sat inside the car and she was really enjoying the movie. The movie had a lot of comedy scenes and for the first time, I saw her laughing uncontrollably to certain comedy scenes. This was a new personality of chithi and I never knew that she could laugh so much. She was much more beautiful when she laughed. It had taken years off her face and she looked much younger due to her beautiful laughter. She was actually enjoying herself.

During the interval, she looked extremely happy. Both of us went to buy some food from the nearby stalls. She was now holding me by my hips. Her right breast was touching the top portion of my left ribcage. I had no option but to put my hands around her shoulder. This also was quite normal as both of us did not feel anything by getting close to each other as it was just expression of happiness between a motherly person and a son.

We got some food and decided to sit in the backseat of the car as there was no space in the front to keep water, gravy, and soda bottles. I spread a newspaper in the backseat of the car so that it does not get messy due to gravy or curry. We finished the food very quickly before the movie began. We quickly grabbed some ice cream as well. I sat in the backseat with the ice cream as I had already spread paper there, to prevent spills from getting on to the seat. She sat with me but this time she was very close to me with our thighs touching each other. After she finished the ice cream she caught my hips and I was watching the movie with my hands on her shoulders. During comedy scenes, she would lay her head on my shoulders and laugh. Chithi smelt really good with the imported soap and shampoo. She would look at my face often to see if I was laughing. The movie was soon over and we drove home. Chithi was narrating the comedy sequences from the movie and laughing uncontrollably. She had wonderful comic timing. We reached home and before I could open the car door to get down, she caught my face and kissed my cheeks. She said that she has gone out for the first time in 7 years and that she enjoyed a lot after a very long time. I did not think anything of it again as she was like a mother to me.

Soon her behavior changed and we got even closer. She used to comb my hair and apply powder on my face while getting ready for office. My wife did not mind chithi’s affection towards me as she felt that it was more motherly. She even applied oil on my hair and gave me a head massage during weekends before taking bath. She had changed a lot over the past few months. She appeared dull when she came here but now she appeared like a bundle of energy.

It was December and my wife’s office was closed from the 24th to 2nd January. She wanted to go her mother’s place along with the kids for some rest. My mother-in-law’s family was here by the 20th to pick her up. My wife applied for one more week’s leave and wanted to return by the 9th of January. I asked my chithi if she would like to go to her native place and come back after about 10days. She said that her daughter was not coming from the gulf until the end of April and that she again had to stay with her brother (mama). She said that she preferred staying here. I was happy and so was my wife as I will be saved the hassle of eating outside. My wife’s family left along with my wife and the kids on the evening of 21st December. I and chithi were left all alone in the house for another 2 weeks.

The next day was a Saturday and we spent the entire day watching T.V and playing cards. I did not feel bored the entire day as my chithi kept me company with interesting stories of how she fell in love with chithappa etc. I did not know what to do in the evening and wanted to go for a movie. I asked my chithi if she would be interested. She looked extremely happy. I again booked tickets for the same drive-in- theatre as my chithi liked the place. I told her that we can leave by around 8pm and asked her to get some sleep for the next 2 hours. I woke up after some time and woke her up as well. I got ready and was waiting in the hall. My chithi opened the bedroom door and I could smell the fragrance of perfume and imported soap. My chithi did not apply bindi (pottu) but she applied a little bit of makeup and looked gorgeous in a chiffon sari which was blue in color and transparent. She wore a white blouse and tied her hair in beautiful knot. She had applied lip gloss and I was totally shocked. She said she wore this dress about 8 years ago and she wanted to wear it again. She said that it was not her fault that her husband had died and that she should not be denied the chance to wear good clothes. I totally agreed. She did not look a year older than 30. If strangers looked at us, they would actually think that we are a couple. She did not have the motherly look anymore. Make up can do such a difference to a woman, I thought.

We went to the movie theatre, enjoyed the movie and came out of the drive in theatre. Chithi wanted to know how far the beach was from where we were. I said it was close by. Chithi said that she wanted to visit the beach and then go to bed. I was a little worried because it was almost 1am and by the time we reached there at 1.15am there would be cops all over the place trying to question us. I decided to take the risk as chithi had never made any request to me in the past. We drove to Besant nagar beach and found two cars on the road. I hesitantly parked on the road and we quickly headed to the beach. I was ready to be grilled by the cops and was nervous all the time. Chithi took a dip in the ocean and called me inside. Her sari had become completely transparent and also her blouse. I could clearly see her bra and her underwear was partly visible as well. She dipped me forcefully inside the water and she was enjoying herself. I came out of the water and looked visibly worried. My chithi asked me what happened and I told her that we might be harassed by cops, she understood and we went back to the car. We drove off and were not stopped by cops anywhere. My chithi was visibly happy and she lay on my shoulder until we reached home. By the time we reached home it was almost 2.00am in the morning.

Both of us took a shower and she came dressed in a nighty. I was getting dressed and she did not seem to bother. I looked at her and smiled. Her breasts now looked much bigger as the nighty stuck tightly to her body. She was drying her hair in the fan. She asked me to come closer, caught my face and gave me two kisses, one on the cheek and the other one on the nose. The second kiss was a wet one. She said that she was very happy to go out with me and that she really enjoyed herself. She said that she suffered a lot after marrying her husband as it was a love marriage and my grandparents refused to give her any dowry. After marriage she was harassed by her in-laws as she did not bring any dowry. Just when her life was getting back on track, her husband passed away and she was living alone in a very big home. No one dared to trouble her as my grandfather (her father) was a very powerful man politically and financially. She said that she was very fond of wearing good clothes and has lost the opportunity to wear it forever. She was not allowed to mingle with guests and she was not invited to ceremonies as she was considered to be a bad omen. She said that she was being treated with respect only after coming to my home. Her confession touched me and I really felt sad for her. I caught her hands and told her that if she needed any help, no matter what, she should let me know. She giggled, kissed my forehead and went to sleep.

The next morning, I got a call from my friend in U.K saying that he is about to be engaged to a girl in Bangalore. He invited me to Bangalore and said that he has already arranged a room for me. I tried to tell him that my family was out of town but he would not listen. He said that he has invited very few people and he definitely wanted me to come. I was in a thoughtful mood on Sunday and chithi asked me if something was wrong. I informed her about my trip to Bangalore and asked her if she had any relatives in Chennai where she could stay for 2 days while I attend the engagement and come back. She asked me if I had any problem if she accompanied me to Bangalore. I said the only problem was that we had to stay in a hotel room. She said that she did not have any problems as long as I did not have any. My friend was getting engaged on the 27th of December. I applied leave from the office. I wanted to do a road trip and decided to travel on the 25th. I drove to Bangalore with my chithi.

We checked into the same hotel where we had a reservation for 27th. The hotel manager told me that my room was paid for on the 27th and the rest of the days I may have to pay. I agreed and we managed to find a room with two double beds. We ordered food and had it in the room. We took some rest and got ready for a shower. My chithi went inside first and came out with her petticoat tied properly. She covered her bare shoulders with a towel. I was getting ready to have a shower when she asked me if she could wear a pottu and some makeup as no one knew her in Bangalore. I was initially taken aback but I did not mind. When I came out of the bathroom, chithi looked like a completely different person. She had done her hair using my hair dryer and changed her hair style. She wore dark red glossy lipstick with eyeliners, make up on the eye lids and she looked gorgeous.

She wore a black colored sari with some bangles and a beautifully drawn bindi (pottu). I got ready very quickly and went out for some shopping to M.G.road. When we stepped out on the road, we actually looked like a married couple who had come for a visit. She held me by my hips and no one suspected anything. She looked shockingly young with all the makeup. I wore a jacket to protect myself against the cold, I bought her one but she refused to wear it. She said that she liked the cold and hugged my back tight and walked faster whenever she got excessively cold. We visited Bangalore’s famous malls, took some pictures, had Chinese food and came back to the hotel at around 10pm.

I had brought my laptop and I was watching some movies that were downloaded into the laptop. Chithi was peeping from her bed. She loved watching movies too. I pulled her bed closer to mine and put it together. We placed the laptop in the centre and lay down on either sides of the laptop watching movies. After the movie was over, she came closer and I also inched closer so that we could talk for some time. She said that this was the first time she had been to anywhere outside Tamilnadu. She said that she loved the modern culture where no one seemed to be bothered about what the others were doing.

She said that she could not dress like this in Chennai as she had a couple of relatives living there and she was afraid of them. I felt pity again and said that we could extend the stay for two more days. She was overjoyed with happiness and hugged me from the front for the very first time. She had huge and soft breasts which got crushed against my chest. I felt some discomfort but hugged anyways. She rubbed my back and did not let me go. I thought it would be rude to let her go before she does and held on to her. She did not let me go and we had to sleep like that. I did not feel anything bad but I felt that it was getting too close. My wife would definitely not approve of me sleeping with my chithi by hugging her, I thought. I did not feel any hard on as I thought it would be a sin to think of her in a bad way. She hugged me throughout the night and even put her leg on top of me. Her face was sunk in my chest all night. Even during the night when I changed positions and had my back facing her, she would draw closer and her lips were against my neck with her hands holding my tummy. I could feel her breathing all the time. After about two hours I could not sleep in one position anymore, I changed sides and tried to sleep by facing her. She was deep in sleep but drew me closer to her and our faces were literally touching each other.

We woke up late in the morning, as it was very cold outside. She said that it was the coldest night in her life. We quickly got ready but both our comfort levels changed. I came out of the bathroom in a towel after taking bath and she came out with a blouse and petticoat with a towel on top. This never happened at our home in Chennai as she had a separate bedroom and a bathroom. We were sharing a bedroom, bathroom and also a bed. As usual, she applied powder to my face and combed my hair. My skin appeared a little dry and she had bought Vaseline lotion the previous day. She applied it all over my body including my inner thighs. I was wearing underwear all the time. We went to Lal bagh where we saw couples kissing each other hiding behind bushes. She looked at me and smiled whenever someone was doing something naughty behind the bushes. I became a little horny and was badly missing my wife. Chithi read my face and laughed at me. She asked me if I was missing Sudha (wife), I felt shy and said no, but she knew the truth and laughed hard. I and my wife were very close to each other before the kids were born. We used to have sex every night, but all that came down once the first child was born and after the second child was born I really felt as though she had moved very far away from me.

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