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I woke up the next day morning at around 8am. I got up and she was sitting dressed in the jeans and T shirt that I had bought her. She looked lovely with all the makeup. I did not even open my mouth. I showed her a sign that I am going to the bathroom. I showed her signs asking her to order something for breakfast before I come from the bathroom. She smiled and understood. I came out after having a shower in about 30minutes. When I came out the entire room was spic and span with new sheets and towels. We had hot food served on the table with coffee in a flask. My Chithi was really smart. I combed my hair and she came from behind, took my face in her hands and French kissed me wildly. She said that she really enjoyed the night and this was the best fuck of her life. I said “stop bluffing”, she said she was serious. She said her husband could not continue for so long and that this was a new level altogether. She said her husband’s best time was about 7-8 minutes, but 30 minutes of strong fucking was mind blowing and unheard of she said. She said she was too exhausted to speak the previous night. She took out my penis, touched her eyes with it and said that she was really blessed by god and wanted to go to a temple to thank god.

We had breakfast and went to the nearest temple which was walking distance from where we stayed. She sat down in the temple, prayed for some time and put hundred rupees into the hundi. We continued our stay in Bangalore till 31st and drove down to Chennai. Every single day in Bangalore we fucked each other at least 3 times a day. I downloaded a kamasutra E-book from a browsing centre which had pictures of positions and their descriptions. We tried a few positions, but we could not do a lot of positions due to flexibility problems. We were literally inseparable. She asked me never to bath alone. When she joined me in the bathroom, it usually resulted in dick sucking and doggy style fucking in the bathroom. When we reached Chennai on the 31st, we headed home and slept for about 4 hours. We then woke up at around 7pm, got ready and went out by around 9pm to Besant Nagar beach.

She did not wear her pottu after coming back to Chennai. Her dressing also became conservative. We played in the beach till new year early morning and French kissed on the beach at the stroke of 12.00. We were so much in love. We could not wait to get home. My car had tinted windows, so I sucked her pussy inside the car and made her cum. She challenged me to drive non-stop till home while she sucked my dick. I was an expert car driver and I had been driving since the age of 15, so I took up the challenge. She asked me to drive for a minute and after that she pulled my foreskin all the way back and pushed my penis all the way into her mouth. She sucked my dick like lollypop. I lost the bet in 20 seconds. I could not drive at all and parked by the roadside. She said that she was going to drink my love juice today, but I denied. I pulled out my penis when I felt that I was about to cum. She wanted me to cum inside her mouth but I refused, out of respect for my chithi.

We reached our apartment complex and headed to the terrace to see the fireworks. I was almost 2 AM. Everyone had slept. We were on the 9th floor where we had some cement benches to sit. Chithi was wearing a green sari. She removed her underwear, unzipped my pant, pulled out my penis and rubbed it against her pussy entrance. After about 20 seconds, I could not take it any longer. I made her lay down on the cement benches and penetrated her. This was out door, moonlight sex when it was really windy. This was probably one of the wildest sex acts that we ever did. I was afraid that someone might catch us and did it in a hurry. I stroked her as hard and as fast as possible and she started moaning from the first minute. I asked her to cover her mouth because it might wake someone up. She bit her pallu and tried to muffle her noise. She did the best she could but she yelled in the last 10-12 strokes.

We came in about 10 minutes. We quickly woke up and adjusted our clothes. She was in no position to stand up and walk. She wanted to relax a little bit. We sat on the bench and enjoyed the moonlight and the weather. Luckily no one saw us there. We slowly came down to our apartment and washed ourselves. Chithi said that she wanted to sleep naked with me every night until my wife came back. I was only too happy to oblige. We woke up late next morning and had sex again. Our foreplay was very elaborate. I would lick her entire body for about 30 minutes including licking her back, shoulders, buttocks, toes, knees, nipples, breasts, legs, inner thighs, armpits, hands, ears, neck, stomach and belly button before licking her pussy.

We used to copy positions from porn movies. The only action that I refused was her drinking my sperms. She wanted me to spill sperms over her stomach and I did so. She used to rub the sperms all over her body, like cream. I also fucked her breasts with my penis once. I had sex with her all over the apartment. I had sex with her at the window sill, dining table, sofa, tea table, inside the wardrobe, kitchen table, floor, inside the car and bathroom. We even had it once on the road while returning from Chengalpet. We parked our car in an isolated location and had sex behind bushes. We wanted to do it outdoors during the day. We were even lucky to find a pump set and took a bath. It was a wonderful feeling taking bath in a pump set after sex.

After my leaves were over, I started going to the office. My chithi would call me in the evening and tell me that she was dressed up and waiting for me. I would rush back home and have sex with her immediately. Our sex life was wonderful and both of us felt sad that my wife was going to come back. We would have had sex at least 40 times before my wife came back from her native place. When my wife came back, she was shocked by looking at chithi. She said that my chithi had put on some weight, looked several shades lighter, and looked a lot younger than before and that too without make up.

She also said that before she left she rarely saw chithi smile, but now she had a smiling face all the time. She also said that by chithi’s behavior she could tell that chithi became very fond of me in her absence. I said that chithi got used to the new place and family now. Chithi would French kiss me whenever my wife was in the bathroom. We would have sex at least 3 times a day during Saturdays (whenever my wife was in the office) and wait for the next Saturday. My chithi was happy that her sex life was good, I was happy because I was getting adequate sex during the weekends, Saturday with chithi, Sunday with my wife. Sometimes I would take permission for a couple of hours from the office, come home for lunch, have sex with chithi and go back. My relationship with my wife improved and everyone was happy at home. The best part was chithi never got jealous when I had sex with my wife. She said that it was my duty as a husband to give my wife good sex. Chithi continues to stay with us and it is like living in a single home with two beautiful, loving, loyal wives who actually like each other a lot.
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truly a very natural experienced affair. ur slow writing keeps the story more interesting. nice one. i remembered my nephew
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